Friday, January 15, 2010

Guess what cards AREN'T in 2010 Bowman?

Take a wild guess.

According to the checklist posted on The Beckett Blog, Andrew Cashner, Aroldis Chapman, and Stephen Strasburg DO NOT appear in the Bowman Prospects insert set.

All three are listed in the "Top 100 Prospects" inserts and Cashner and Strasburg in the "Bowman Expectations" inserts. But, barring a last minute change, the Andrew Cashner, Aroldis Chapman, and Stephen Strasburg cards you see above WILL NOT APPEAR IN 2010 BOWMAN.


dayf said...

And what's new? The Tommy Hanson pedo-stache National Chicle autograph card doean't appear in the NC autograph checklist either. This kind of stuff is just SOP at Topps right now.

Roy said...

Oh come on. I would have ripped a ton of packs for Strasburg and Chapman.

Bluesky said...

why do they include pics of cards that aren't in the set? That's false advertising.

Field of Cards said...

Is there a good reason why they aren't going to appear?