Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009 Gummies: Analysis and Reax

Product of the Year, Best Retro-Themed Product: Topps Allen & Ginter

This was A&G's third straight win in the POY, although the Topps Flagship came in a very close second.

Card of the Year: SP Authentic Derek Jeter 1993 SP Buy-Back Autograph

Only 93 of them were made, but it the Jeter buy-back AU truly is a once-in-a-lifetime pull.

Rookie Card of the Year: Bowman Chrome #185 Gordon Beckham

This was the tightest race as all four nominees got at least 20% of the vote. The BowChro Beckham probably won due to: A) The lack of a dominant rookie in this year's RC-class, and B) The Bowman Chrome name.

Best Base Set, Best Design: Topps

Topps greatly improved the design of their flagship, and the Gummie voters rewarded them.

Best Insert Set: Topps Updates & Highlights Propaganda Posters

Chris Speakman's World War II-inspired posters were the runaway winner in this category.

Best Autographed/Game Used Set: Topps Allen & Ginter Framed Autos and Relics.

The Framed A&G hits are another repeat winner.

Best "High-End" Product: Sweet Spot

A rare victory for Upper Deck.

Worst Overall Product, Worst Base Set, Worst Design: Topps Ticket to Stardom

A runaway winner in all three categories.

Most Meaningless Product: Upper Deck First Edition

Don't blame Upper Deck, blame MLB for forcing UD to make this.

Most Disappointing Product: Topps Unique

Not much "unique" about it. Nice looking base set though.

Worst Insert: Upper Deck 20th Anniversary

If there's something baseball card collector's want, it's cards of hockey players and inanimate objects.

Dumbest Gimmick: Cut signatures of active/living Players (a.k.a. "Franken-Sigs")

Manufactured letter patches came in a very close second. Either would have been a worthy winner of this award.

Best Cardblog: Cardboard Junkie

It's dayf's cardblogosphere, the rest of us are just blogging in it. His third straight victory.

Best New Cardblog: The Collective Troll

Beardy had the early lead, but The Troll (and his fans) came through late in the balloting.

Best Hobby News Source: Wax Heaven

And it wasn't even close.

Best Video Box Breaker/YouTuber: stalegum

You're welcome.

Hobby MVP: Albert Pujols

I honestly thought Jeter would win this one.

Hobby ROY: Gordon Beckham

Beckham beats Tommy Hanson by only 14 votes.

Hobby Top Prospect: Stephen Strasburg

A no-brainer.

Jefferson Burdick Award for Contributions to The Hobby: Mario Alejandro

One of these days, Sy Berger's gonna win this.


Anonymous said...

Hey, if Topps could figure out a way to skip Opening Day (I'm guessing that Attax let them off the hook?), Upper Deck could have found a way out of doing First Edition.

John Bateman said...

Hey, your video breaks are better than 99% of what Hollywood puts out. I wonder who would play you in the movie

Tragik007 said...

Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Mark Aubrey said...

Sy Berger will win the Jefferson Burdick Award for Contributions to The Hobby when people realize who he was and what he did. Until then...