Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Card #4

Well jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, get a look at this!

It's Kosuke Fukudome's first Major League Topps card! Of course, its STILL NOT A REAL ROOKIE CARD, but who cares, right?

OBTW, the checklist on still lists card #645 from the 2008 Topps baseball set as a non-existant Kosuke Fukudome RC. The boycott continues until the gimmicks and deceptive marketing practices cease.


dayf said...

I'm just hoping Charlie Morton's Red Hot Rookie is #19. 'Cause that's the one I got, of course.

James B. Anama said...

You might as well stop updating us on the website checklist as Topps NEVER CHANGES WHAT THE PUT ON THE CHECKLIST THERE!!!

I've never trusted the checklists that Topps puts on their website because not only do they never update it, but there was a disclaimer (don't know if they put it on there anymore) that the checklist is subject to change.


JayBee Anama

Wax Heaven said...

So what constitutes a REAL rookie card? I am confused here.

Isn't it the very first release?

Chris Harris said...

It's not a real rookie card because it's not a base set card.

Anonymous said...


Can't collectors decide what is a real rookie card and not the card companies?

sruchris said...

Yeah, collectors can decide. I've decided that Fukudome's rookie card is in 2008 Upper Deck Series Two.

Charlie said...

I don't care for these Red Hot RC's, but I do really like the Finest redemption that was announced today.

Billy Suter said...

I just checked the checklist I got with some Topps series 2. #645 is Andy Marte, and there's no #661.