Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I hate to do this, but I'm calling shenanigans against Tuff Stuff.

Yesterday on their Bustin' Wax blog, Tuff Stuff posted a box break of Upper Deck's new Spectrum baseball, and they were shocked (SHOCKED!) that their box yielded seven game jersey's and four autographs.

You're only supposed to get two autographs and two gamers in a box.

Rut ro, Raggy!

While such "Hot Boxes" are not unusual for Spectrum (collector's are reporting that each 14-box case has one) what's unusual is how Tuff Stuff may have acquired this particular box.

Read the review a little closer, and you'll notice that price they "paid" for the box was "about $135 per box."

An interesting choice of words there, eh? "About" $135?


That one little word leads me to assume that Tuff Stuff may not have paid for this box at all -- which may explain why they got a Hot Box.

Is this another case of "Upper Deck Card-Ola?" (i.e. Beckett-Gate?)


dayf said...

To be fair a one in fourteen chance is not that outrageous. Besides even with all the extra hits, the hits they got are mostly rubbish. All the autographs suck and maybe Joba is a good jersey. It certainly isn't like Beckett's one of ones and cut autos crazyness.

I think the "about" $135 price was supposed to indicate what a collector could expect to pay and not what they actually paid. It was poorly worded at any rate especially with all the fear and loathing going on in the hobby right now.

Hoiles said...

That can't really be a hot box if they only got the drummer of Warrant instead of the singer or lead guitarist :)
(of course I had to google these people as I have no idea what their names are).

Gellman said...

Unless proven otherwise with video evidence, all magazine coordinated box breaks from Upper Deck are shenannigans.