Friday, June 09, 2006

So I was off a bit, sue me.

Topps has announced the actual production figures for the 2006 Bowman Autographed Rookie Cards, Prospect Autographs, and Autographed Variations. "Big Ups" to Beckett for getting the info.

Yes, I overestimated the number of base set and Prospect autographs (by about 50%). But, I nearly hit the target on the Autographed Variations. (Yay!) For the record, Topps says they made 1375 copies of each Autographed Rookie and Prospect Autograph, and 500 of the Kenji Johjima and Craig Hansen autographed variations. In the same announcement Topps also said that they made 963 copies of each '06 Finest autographed base card. But since Finest "jumped the shark" in '01, so who cares.

To come up with my production figures, I used two different sets of data. Using one method I calculated 2065 copies of each autograph. Using the other, I came up with the same 1250 figure that Beckett calculated. To be safe, I went with the 2065 figure. By the way, using both methods, I came up with the same 540 copies on the Hansen and Johjima variations.

It should also be noted that only two of those Autographed Rookie Cards are in fact, true "Rookie Cards." Those two would be Joey Devine and Craig Breslow (card #222 and #225, respectively). The other nine cards in the subset are "parenth-RCs." This means that, in addition to Johjima, Hansen, Devine, Breslow, and three others, there are now a grand total of seven, count 'em, seven true rookie cards in '06 Bowman. "Home of the Rookie Card" my ass!

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