Saturday, June 10, 2006

Interesting Angle on the Olbermann/Gordon Story

If this card actually existed, I would pay $7500 for it.
The Konspiracy between Kooky Keith and his Alex Gordon kards kontinues!

Bob Brill (a.k.a. the guy who used to write for Beckett's weekly newsletter) has an interesting take on his blog: Why are all those contraband Gordon cards being pulled from Wal-Mart blaster boxes?

Money Line #1:

"It is a gimmick for sure if it is true the company planned the whole scenario but it might also be just dumb luck too. We certainly don’t have a problem with advertising values of cards on the secondary market but we do have an issue with mis-leading the public in an attempt to get them back into collecting."


Money Line #2:

We are NOT suggesting Olbermann and Topps are working together or if the name behind merkle923 is doing the same. It is unusual the way it has happened and the way Olbermann and his purchase of one of these cards at $7500 are driving sales of Topps Series One Baseball.

For the record, the eBay username "merkle923" is indeed the one used by Krazy Keith.

"merkle923" is a reference to "Merkle's Boner" which took place September 23, 1908. He even wrote the foreword to a book about the incident


Anonymous said...

If this drives a few more people back into baseball card collecting, well, Whats so bad about that?

Chris Harris said...

What is so bad about it is how Topps has gone about it. UpperFleerDeck is connecting with collectors by producing solid products; Topps, on the other hand, is going about it by gimmicks.

Whether it be from the marketing side (i.e. the "TRADE BARRY" billboard) or the product side (i.e. autographed "rookies" in Bowman, or the return of the dreaded "Dare-to-Tear" concept for Allen & Ginter), Topps is relying on short-run quick-fixes to attract and retain collectors. Gimmickry didn't work for Pinnacle, Pacific, or Donruss-Playoff, and now, they're out of the game. Do you really think that it'll work for Topps?