Saturday, June 10, 2006

The "Chrome Premium," and will it last?

At the card show today, I wanted to observe my "Chrome Premium" theory in action. The Stale Gum Chrome Premium Theory states that, since the 2006 Bowman Prospect "inserts" (nudge, nudge, knowwhatimean, knowwhatimean) were produced in about the same quantities as the Bowman Chrome Prospect cards, collectors may not be as willing to pay a premium for the BowChros as they have in the past.

Using Alex Gordon's Prospect and BowChro Prospect cards as a benchmark, apparently, you the collector are still willing to pay such a premium.

Observed prices:

Alex Gordon Prospect: $10-$15
Alex Gordon Chrome Prospect: $25-$30
Alex Gordon Gold parallel: $20

Even though there are approximately the same number of Chrome Prospect cards as the regular Prospects (22,000 and 22,500 copies, respectively), the going rate for the BowChro's -- at least as I observed them at the Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing, NJ on June 10, 2006 -- are double that of the regular Prospects.

So does this disprove my theory? Not yet. I'm guessing that most collectors have yet to figure out just how plentiful the BowChro's really are. When they do finally figure it out, I specualte that the gap between the two cards will narrow. It's all about supply and demand folks. Supply and demand.

As for now, if you were fortunate to have pulled a BowChro Gordon, it might be time to cash in your chips and get your $30 now. Don't worry, you'll probably be able to buy it back for $15-$20 by the end of the summer. Unless, of course, that nitwit Keith Olbermann decides to corner the market on this Alex Gordon card as well.

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