Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Give Me A Reason to Collect 2012 Topps

So as you've probably heard by now, 2012 Topps Series One has started to arrive on Wal-Mart shelves, a couple of days earlier than the Hobby edition. And as I mentioned last week, for the first time since I was five years old, I will not be collecting any of it. I can no longer, in good conscience, patronize a company that continues to insult our intelligence with gimmicks. This has become difficult for me, and I must admit I have been tempted to give in.

But I'm willing to give Topps a second chance. I'm willing to look the other way on one condition and one condition only.

Topps: Explain yourselves.

So for Topps (and judging by the information my webhost supplies me with, I know they read this) and all their apologists out there, I have a challenge for you.

It's simple, just answer this question: Why should I continue to collect your products? Just give me five good reasons why I should buy 2012 Topps Series One, and I will. That's all I ask.

This is a question that Topps' Product Development Team has probably failed to ask themselves, so this should double as an exercise for their future product lines.

Just post your responses in the comments below, or if you can fit them in 140 characters or less Tweet them to @stalegum.

I WILL look at and respond to each and every entry, and if I come up with five valid reasons, I will buy a Hobby box of 2012 Topps Series One.

Have at it.


Spankee said...

My only comment is that the gimmicks are the very least of the problems with 2012 Topps.

Nachos Grande said...

The gimmicks don't bother me because IF I were to pull one it'd go right on eBay and help recover some of my costs. However, I've been so underwhelmed by 2012 Topps that I also am doubting that I'll bother collecting the set. This would mark the first base set since I got back into collecting that I won't bother completing...and I usually complete all of the inserts too, so Topps is missing out on my dollars!

TheBrooklynMet said...

I agree with FanOfReds on this one about the gimmicks not bothering me and selling it if I grabbed one. Even last year with Gypsy Queen, my favorite set of 2011, I got a stamp card of a Met that I do collect in a group break, but it was not worth keeping for me because I just was not thrilled with the concept of a stamp card and I basically paid for that group break and more cards by selling it on ebay.

Anthony Hughes said...

There is a big thrill in ripping packs to me, I can't argue with that. And for that reason alone, I'll buy some cards. I already did, actually, last night. Check my blog to see some.

I'm not in love with the base set design, it's a bit blah - not ugly , not exciting, just kind of "there it is".

The inserts, on first glance, weren't too thrilling. I mean, '87 minis? Did anyone really love that set, that much? Are there younger guys (I'm almost 50) who feel a nostalgia for the '87 set that I'm not getting? Just curious.

There's a big thing with "Gold" this year and you can see it in all the inserts.

I'm not in love with the set, but I do love opening packs of baseball cards and so I'll still buy a few. No idea what I'd say to convince you to do likewise!

Anonymous said...

Blogger and Wordpress don't like each other lately - so FYI, this is from lifetimetopps.wordpress.com even though it says different!

1) It's the base Topps set, it's cool to continue a collection you've always had, and getting the 660-card set wouldn't break the bank. (The squirrel and Pujols/Reyes variations aren't part of the base set - so while I don't particularly care for them, I also won't let it bother me).

2) The '87 minis (this is a love or hate depending on the collector - personally, as someone born in 1980, I love it)

3) While I can't put the base design as a positive this year, I do think that Topps' photography has been very good in recent years. 2012 looks to be the same.

4) Busting packs is fun. Even if there are things you'd change from base Topps - I don't know what product of cards out there at this price point is more fun than base Topps.

5) Though I haven't seen in person, I like the look some of the inserts - the Timeless Talents and the Gold Standard coming to mind.

the sewingmachineguy said...

Seems like a good time for one of those animated video behind-the-scenes things you make...

dayf said...



James B. Anama said...

It just means that there will be a sizable gap in your collection. Don't do this "five reasons" and I'll buy garbage. Either buy because you are a baseball fan and card collector or don't.

Frankly, while the Topps Company reads your work (they read mine...I think), they're not going to lose sleep because you won't buy the new stuff. Why should they answer to you? How did you become so special?

I can't wait until the product reaches IL. I'll buy when I can. It's just such a shame that you're taking this stand.

Oh well, more for me.


JayBee Anama

P.S. Funny, the word verification thing reads "obbermon." I think blogger is trying to tell us something...jba

Michael J Buchanan said...

The only reason why I would ever consider collecting this years set is the '87 minis, but then again I am part of the generation that began collecting around that time. I wouldn't allow some Topps BS spewing PR rep to talk you out of your ban. Any reason they attempt to give you will be either empty promises or schmoozing because he knows people read your blog. What they have spent their money and effort on producing IS reflected in what they truly are...a monopoly that really doesn't care all that much to innovate because, well, where else you gonna go?

robbyt said...

Preaching to the choir, man. After spending over $400 trying to build base sets in '07 & '08, I decided to give up trying to put together base sets and just waited until the factory set came out in '09 and picked one up for $50.

I relapsed in '10 and spent another $400 putting together a set. I didn't buy any base at all in '11, but that didn't stop me from dropping $200 to put a Lineage set together. With that I decided that I was officially done with trying to build anymore sets.

There are no reasons to encourage anybody to try and build a base set from packs/boxes. In fact, I'll give you five reasons not to ever purchase a pack of Topps base cards again.

1. The inserts are garbage and that's one less card per pack you're getting towards building a set.

2. There are no true rookie cards in the base set. Yes, there are cards that have the RC logo, but as we all know, those are not really rookie cards.

3. I can go in my local Meijer and see boxes and boxes of 2-3 year old Topps selling for 40-60% off.

4. As I mentioned earlier, you can pick up the factory set in late summer for $50. If you wait a year you can find them at the bigger shows for as low as $30.

5. Topps sucks. End of story.

I'll continue to go to the local shows and cherry pick Tigers out of commons bins to build my team sets. I'll probably sucker myself into buying a few boxes of Heritage, but only because I've had pretty good success pulling autos and reselling them on ebay to recoup most of my $$$. Never mind that I've never completed a Heritage set either, but that's a story for some other time.

Keep fighting the good fight and don't buy anymore base packs. We're all in this together.

The Baseball Card Snob said...

The Stalegum Anti-Topps Massacre Movement (with apologies to Arlo Guthrie). I won't re-hash, but I agree, we need another choice. Start the petition to MLB and MLBPA, we want another manufacturer.

BTW, Chris, I see your card spending is in a downward spiral.

Mad Guru said...

You should collect 2012 Topps because it is gamechanging.

Retrofan said...

I think the only reason to collect 2012 flagship is the excellent photography. It's playful, it's not just pose A,B or C. Many of these photos, of not just star players, are highlights of why baseball is fun. In summation it is a documentary of sorts of some of baseball's grandest moments and traditions.

PS. The insert sets are decent as well, but have been done to death in other products.