Friday, August 12, 2011

Top 10 National Pick-Ups: #3. Satisfyin' the ladies, one printin' plate at a time.

#3 TRADE: A 2009 Triple Threads "White Whale" of Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano, and Alex Rodriguez AND a 2011 Topps Sterling Albert Pujols bat card serial-numbered to 25 to Marie of A Cardboard Problem for...

... an awkward handshake and an even more awkward hug.

I like it when I make my friends happy. I don't know, I guess I get off on it. I have lots of excess cards, and rather than throw them up on eBay, I'd rather trade them or just give them away.

Going into this year's National, I brought a lot of cards to give away. I filled two 800-count boxes of commons and inserts for Chris Thomas, and he let me pick through his stash of doubles. I had some cards for Thorzul and dayf The Cardboard Junkie, but neither of them showed up -- although Thorzul at least had an excuse.

A had a few cards for Susan of A Cardboard Problem; not much, just a few Jeter's she probably already has and a couple of Mitch Moreland's for her boyfriend. (Yes, she has a boyfriend. You can stop cyber-stalking her now.) I never had the chance to give them to her though. It seemed like she was always in the middle of a conversation with someone else, and I didn't want to interrupt. I hate it when someone interrupts me when I'm talking with someone, or picking through some cards.

In fact, if there were an 11th Commandment it should read as such...

"Thou Shalt Not Bother a Collector at a Dealer Table."

But I did give Marie those cards I got from Topps a few months ago as replacements for an unfulfilled redemption.

For some background. As many of you are aware, Topps used to send me sample boxes of their latest products for me to review. I never really asked for them, but I knew a guy who knew a guy who knew someone in the Topps Nomenklatura who agreed to send me some stuff. The last package I got from Topps was sometime late last year, and it had a box of 2010 Topps Sterling. I never got an explanation from Topps as to why they cut me off; guess I was being a bit too honest in my reviews for my own good. Sorry, but my momma didn't raise no sycophant.

Anyway, the box of Sterling Topps sent me contained a redemption card for a one-of-one Mike Piazza autographed relic. Piazza didn't sign, and Topps sent me the two cards above as replacements.

And yeah, I decided after much consideration (which lasted about 0.15 seconds) to give them both to Marie of ACP. But rather than waste the money on postage, I figure I'd give them to her at The National. But where to find her?

Here, I ran into the same situation as I did with her ACP cohort Susan. I couldn't find her, and when I did, she was engaged in conversation with someone else.

I found her waiting in line to use the ladies room.

Ummm... No.

The Friday of The National, Marie, myself, Chris Thomas and Dave of Long Fly Ball to Because... all wanted to take a day off from The National and catch a game at Wrigley Field. This was a last-minute excursion that, in retrospect, we could have planned a bit better. (Hopefully for next year, we can get a couple dozen collectors together for an evening at Oriole or Nationals Park.) Marie was able to get a block of four along the third base line for herself, Wes Yee (one of the Freedom Cardboard moderators), Dave and his wife. Chris Thomas and I were able to get two single-seats, two rows apart, in left field.

Before the game, I went over to Marie, Wes and Dave's section to try and say hello, but wasn't able to find them; and by the time the game started, trying to find them was a bit pointless. So instead, I crossed-off number 17 on my "bucket list": Sit in the "Bartman Seat." Aisle 4, Row 8, Seat 113 BTW.

It wasn't until after the game that I found out why I wasn't able to find Marie in the Wrigley Field stands. I let her tell you the story herself...

The day after, I was finally able to give Marie her cards. It was Saturday, but Chris Thomas had to be back in Cleveland Sunday morning, so this was our last day at the show. Although I told her before that I'd let her have the Yankee White Whale and the Pujols bat card, I think she was surprised that I gave her those cards right then.

She extended her hand for me to shake it; then, after a long pause, offered me a hug.

A hug!

(Insert highly inappropriate comment about getting to third base if I had thrown in an Adam Lind autograph and a couple dozen Yankee Stadium Legacies.)

Yes, it was quite awkward. That fact that I was carrying a backpack full of baseball cards AND a six-pack of beer in another, and the fact that I'm 6' 3" and well, she's not, made it most uncomfortable. To the dozen or so spectators watching this, I'm sure we looked like a couple of seventh-graders at a junior high dance.

But I don't care. Like I said, I like making my friends happy.

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You sir are a gentlemen and a scholar.

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How come the post on what Topps disappeared this morning?