Monday, August 01, 2011

My Chicago National Itenerary.

I'm leaving for the National Sports Collectors Convention tomorrow. I don't have much planned, but here's what I KNOW so far.


I'm driving to Chris Thomas' house outside of Cleveland and we'll be carpooling it to Chicago. I'm crashing at his place Tuesday night.


The Philadelphia Union just happen to be in Chicago for a match that evening, and I already have tickets. You're more than welcome to tag along, if only for the pre-game Bearfights. Probably not going to that actual show since it opens around 4:00 and the game is at 9:00.


This is the first day where I can definitely say I will be on the floor. I shouldn't be all that hard to pick out in a crowd. I'll be over by the quarter boxes.

Topps and Freedom Card Board are both having meet-and-greets, and I will be attending both. Lots of booze will be flowing, and with all those bitter collectors, this should get ugly.


Not sure if I'm going to the cardshow, or to the Cubs game (they're playing Cincinnati that afternoon). I'll get back to you.


Chris Thomas has to be back in Cleveland on Sunday night, so after the show, we're driving back a day early; but we will be on the floor. Besides, if Sunday is anything like previous Nationals, I won't be missing much.

Of course, I'll be updating this Stale Gum throughout the week and I'll also be On The Twinkah, if you're into that.


Dante said...

Are you gonna do a tour of the national like with what you did for the Freedom Card Show

King Felix 4 CY said...

Please use Price is Right music for background in the videos. Thanks.