Sunday, June 12, 2011

Box Break: 2011 Topps Series Two HTA.

So, Dr. Wax Battle had a cardshow in Toms River today. Got to meet The Doc, Fast Eddie, Johnny-G and the rest of The Backstop Posse.

Sooz from A Cardboard Problem was there too, along with her boyfriend. I believe that this may have been the first documented case of a female dragging along an uninterested boyfriend to a baseball cardshow*.

Anyway, I left my Big Book Of Wantlists back in Virginia, so I had to settle for wax. Lucky for you (and me) I was able to pick up this HTA box of the recently released Topps Series Two.

* I could be wrong about this. While I didn't see Sooz's better-half with any cards, he at least knew who Bryce Harper and Manny Machado were.


Nathan said...

audio is way off with the video, just me? Anyway, thanks for posting the break...the kimball checklist seems pretty cool this series

Retrofan said...

The Kinsler photo is from target field in Minnestoa. That Prime 9 is poorly thought through, as the closest HTA store to be is over an hour away and across the border. No way am i going to spend upwards of two hours and a bridge toll for these cards. Topps dropped the ball on that one.

PS It's JP Aaron-sea-be-ah, and nathan no it's not just you, but as you said good break.

Sooz said...

FYI - He collects cards too. It's a love that keeps us together.

He's a Texas Rangers fan. He bought some Hamiltons while we there.

CaptKirk42 said...

I agree about the "relic" card. That is like those manufactured patch cards with the team logo or the hat patch. Until that Manufactured glove strap card was pulled I thought that the bat card was the "relic" hit.

Some of those minis flew by too fast at normal speed I almost didn't see the Berra mini.