Monday, September 20, 2010

And all for 50 cents

There was a cardshow in Tysons Corner this past Sunday -- think old school show from the 80s; 30 tables in a hotel ballroom. That kind of show.

Normally I don't do these "what I got at the cardshow" posts, but there was this 50 cent box and you will not believe the shit I got out of it.

The Rookie Card of the greatest footballer America has ever produced. (Sorry, Landon; but she's actually won a World Cup -- two in fact.)

Hmmm. I never knew Richie Ashburn was in 1998 Collector's Choice. Turns out, he wasn't. This was part of a wrapper redemption thing that UD did at the '98 SportsFest show.

For the uninitiated, SportsFest was a National-caliber show promoted by Krause Publications back in the late-90s/early-00s. There were actually three SportsFests a year: One in Philly, and the others in Chicago and Anaheim.

I was living in Nebraska at the time, which, not coincidentally, is where Ol' Whitey grew up.

A Platinum Medallion of Cap'n Cheeseburger, serial-numbered to 50. That's like a penny for each serial-number! Pretty cool how I figured that out, huh? Anybody know any CC-Supercollectors?

A dead Allen & Ginter Rip Card of some San Diego clown. It's almost as if Topps wants you to rip open this card.

For some reason, I'm beginning to collect dead Rip Cards. I guess I can show my grand kids some of the dumb things card companies used to do. No big deal, right...

And over in the next column of the box was this. But this ain't no ordinary Chipper mini.

Take a look at that card number. Yepper, that's the Rip Card-exclusive Chipper mini. A $40-$80 card, sitting there for the taking in a 50 cent box.



Retrofan said...

That Chipper is why I go to smaller collector shows. The people almost always have no idea what they have. The down side is all the big names are overpriced and there is very little in the way of actual good finds.

Goose Joak said...

Yay Nebraska. Here for work?

Anonymous said...

That's a helluva takedown on that Chipper. I can't even envision a scenario in which that gets into a fifty cent box. Reminds me of the time a got a bunch of Batman comics numbered under #200 in the 5/$1.00 box. The guy stammered something about those being in there by mistake, but didn't give me any trouble on the sale in the end.

dayf said...

fifty cents says the Chippah was the guts ripped out of the eviscerated Kyle Blanks card.

My best cheap scores:

#3 Joe Montana Rookie in a box of junk I bought from a guy after a shop owner laughed at him for trying to sell that crap to him.

#2 Original paperback of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" mistakenly put out on the shelves at a used book shop.

#1 The Hank Aaron #715 scored program out of a 25 cent magazine bin at Goodwill