Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Topps: Go Fuck Yourself

I think I speak for most collectors, but we've been subjected to a TON of bullshit from Topps these last few years. The list of gimmicks has been well documented on this site and others and does not need repeating.

So after a 2010 where Topps appeared to have turned the corner and re-established the goodwill they've squandered with collectors, they give us this...

It's the bastardized son of eTopps and the Johan Santana fake no-hitter card. Two lousy gimmicks that suck ass together.

Congratulations Topps on completely fucking over The Hobby. Again.


sruchris said...

This gimmick takes the cake. But what can we do about it, boycott Topps?

gritz76 said...

At least they are trying to do SOMETHING! I bet this little promotion is a huge success for them. What you do when you sell something for $2 and some Joe Schmoe sells it for $16,000. I just ignore these kinds of cards. It's the same reason I stay away from relic cards, they're all gimmicks in one way or another, but they sell more cards. You might not like this little promotion but you might like the next move they make. Like I said at least it's something.

Chris Henchey said...

I'm confused. Is this crap the only Topps Rookie Card they're making or will they include one in Updates & Highlights?

Joe S. said...

How, exactly, are they fucking over the hobby? They're generating levels of excitement for baseball cards that we haven't seen in decades. Sure, you may not like it, and the hard core collector sees right through the "gimmicks", but the average Joe is spending more money on wax than ever before. When the hobby gets more attention, we all win.

rherd67 said...

I read your blog frequently and you are one of the best. However, I must respectfully disagree.

This promotion, plus Strasburg, has pumped some much needed new life into our hobby.

Critics of Topps have pointed out their reluctlance to embrace the internet and social media. To me, this promotion shows that they are showing improvement.

Believe me, I realize Topps isn't perfect, but I think they are trying. If they could only get rid of sticker autos!

Keep up the good work.