Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Topps considers "Red Hot"

.225 AVG, 1 HR, 2 RBI, .670 OPS after 40 ABs

If you're looking for a card of "you-know-who," you might want to seek out Red Hot/Finest Rookie #10. Because you know Topps is going to milk this baby as long as humanly possible.


Grand Cards said...

It's a brutal #2 selection. It didn't need to be Strasburg, but it's not even the most recently hyped Pittsburgh prospect (Pedro Alvarez) and there are a bunch of rookies without regular Topps cards who could have fit in nicely here.

As for Finest, Strasburg will be either #9 or #10 because once one is announced the other is a foregone conclusion and they will drag it out to the end.

George said...

Although Tabata is off to a slow start, I think that he has a lot of raw talent and has been compared to Manny Ramirez by scouts in the minors. Although you never know what will happen, Tabata's Red Hot Rookie card could turn out to be a good investment.