Wednesday, July 15, 2009

UD's MJ Fail.

Directly from the press release...

“Michael Jackson was a unique entertainer whose performances routinely exceeded expectations as he continually tested the boundaries with his music and dance,” said Jason Masherah, Upper Deck’s director of Sports Brands. “After witnessing the outpouring of love at his memorial, we knew the public would appreciate this commemorative collection to celebrate his larger-than-life persona. Both sport and music fans alike will no doubt reminisce about the memorable halftime performance.”

So naturally, the death of Michael Jackson calls for a set of gimmicked inserts in a baseball card set no one cares about; stamped with the logo of another baseball card set no one cares about; commemorating an event that happened at a football game; and to add a little extra to the creep factor, it's in a product marketed to "The youth baseball fan."

Look at that last clause again: Michael "Jesus Juice" Jackson is in a baseball card set MADE FOR KIDS!

Great job Upper Deck!

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