Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Jersey Shore Junkwaxapalooza! 1997 Totally Certified.

Platinum Red (numbered to 3999): 33 of 150 (22.00%)
three doubles

Platinum Blue (numbered to 1999): 19 of 150 (12.67%)


Dan said...

I would be interested in the Indians, a Ripken, Griffey, Molitor, Boggs, Sandberg. Both colors. What do you want for them. I could send some more cards from your wantlists, probably older stuff. Let me know.

MadMo said...

Wow, used to love these cards when they came out (it was nice and shiny, and was numbered).

Retrofan said...

The Todd Walker card is a rookie. It even says so on the card, by the manufacturer/set logo.