Saturday, December 06, 2008

Video Box Break and Review: 2008 Topps Baseball Updates & Highlights Presents 2008 Topps Allen & Ginter Blaster

Base Set: 39 of 350
Short Set: 39 of 300
Short-Prints (1:2): 0 of 50
4 Minis: M. Kobayashi, R. Durham, E. Dukes, M. Scherzer
3 Black Bordered Minis (1:10): B. Jenks, A. Wainwright, A. Miller

4 U.S. States: S. Victorino, J. Maurer, T. Tankersley, S. McClung
1 World Leader (1:12): O. Arias Sanchez (Costa Rica)


Billy Suter said...

DUDE! If you don't want that McClung USA card, send it over here.

dayf said...

No short prints in the entire box???
Wow, that blows. I don't think I've seen a pack this year with a flag card that didn't have a short print. Maybe Topps ran out of short prints?