Sunday, December 21, 2008

Video Box Break: 2008 Razor Signature

Tom the Ripper busts a box of Razor Signature. Hilarity ensues.

Things to look for...

1) A CGI light saber,

2) A retractable razor blade (Get it? A box of Razor being busted with a razor?),

3) Ten autographed trading cards of players you've never heard of -- and more than likely never will,

4) A snippet of an epic rant by Gellman at SCU,

5) A 1950s anti-alcohol educational film set to the music of Alice in Chains.


Gellman said...

even though they were probably using my stuff as humor, its still awesome.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

LMFAO That is awesome!

Tom the Ripper said...

Gellman I was channeling your rage into that shitty razor box, using your rant as a "digital weapon" to attack the crappyness of Razor.

all praises due,
much respect,

TTR out.

irwele is my word verification

stusigpi said...

So what exactly are we supposed to expect to get out of this crap? The question we really must ask is whether the autos in razor are any more useless than the Bowman autos?

sruchris said...

Even after watching crappy Razor box busts after another, I still would rather get a Razor auto than a Bowman Scouts auto redemption in which I have to wait 6 months for!

Gellman said...

Digital Weapon. Sweet.

Almost as cool as the light sabre.