Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Why I Have No Problem/A Huge Problem with the Topps Sarah Palin Card(s).

I guess it was inevitable -- especially after yesterday's announcement that UD will insert into SP Authentic parody cards of the VP candidates -- that Topps would include into Updates & Highlights a Campaign '08 insert of Sarah Palin. Many of you may be surprised to read this, but I have no problem with it. If only to provide "closure" to the set, the Republican Vice Presidential candidate serves a purpose and is a welcome addition to '08TU&H. (For the record: A Campaign '08 card Joe Biden was inserted into Series One packs.)

And an "attah-boy" for giving The Hobby a heads-up with a press release. The only thing that has been worse than Topps use of "gimmick" cards, has been the lack of transparency concerning these cards. Card companies have an obligation to inform collectors as to what exactly is in a product before he/she buys it.

With that said, there is one thing that really, really, annoys me about the Sarah Palin Topps insert. It's this....

Topps is going to produce not one, but two different Sarah Palin inserts. The more common one will feature the hockey mom/governor we've all come to know and love. (At least that's what Topps is infering, as they've yet to produce an image of what this card will look like.) The other, more scarcer one is, this, thing.....

Seriously Topps: WTF? None of the other candidates have had two cards, so why start now?

And why just Governor Palin? If Topps is going to start making gimmicked inserts of the candidate's previous indiscretions, then dammit Topps be consistent! I WANT A CARD OF OBAMA WITH A ROLLED-UP $100 BILL UP HIS NOSE! I WANT ALL FIVE OF THE KEATING FIVE! I WANT A JOE BIDEN/NEIL KINNOCK DOUBLE CUT-SIGNATURE AU! (Maybe those are the stealth gimmicks of '08TU&H?)

So, thumbs up to Topps for Sarah Palin: Governor of Alaska; thumbs down to Sarah Heath: Miss Wasilla 1984.

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