Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cardola: 2008 Upper Deck X

One Hobby Box supplied to me for free of 2008 Upper Deck X (Market Price: $50-$55)
20 packs per box, eight cards per pack.

Part One

Part Two

The Pulls

Base Set: 100 of 100
13 Doubles

20 Die-Cuts (one-per-pack)

10 UDxponential (90 cards): B. Phillips, C. B. Young, C. Guillen, H. Matsui, Ichiro, J. Kent, J. Varitek, ManRam, P. Konerko, Pronk Hafner
7 UDxponential2 (75 cards) : B. Roberts, C. Jones, D. Lee, J. Papelbon, M. Holliday, P. Fielder, T. Tulowitzki
2 UDxponential3 (25 cards) : Big Papi, J-Roll
1 UDxponential4 (10 cards): A. Soriano

* Odds of finding any UDxponential are one-per-pack

5 Yankee Tedium Lunacy (1:4): #5959 & 5977 (D. Jeter), #6484 (R. Johnson), #6509 (M. Rivera), #6534 (J. Posada)

2 UDX Signatures (30 cards, 1:10): E. Meek, J. Newman

The Bottom Line

I've now busted a full Hobby box of this stuff, and I still don't understand what Upper Deck was going for with UDX.

Just about every one of the one-per-pack die-cuts has either A) A huge roller mark running the length of the card, or B) Is not properly die-cut.

I had no idea who the two AU were until I looked them both up on Both Evan Meek and Josh Newman are 25-year-old rookie middle-inning relievers.


Box Rating: 2 1/2 Gumsticks (out of five)
Product Rating: 1 Gumstick

I hope Upper Deck comes to its senses and brings back Fleer Ultra for 2009. (And by that I mean "Fleer Ultra" and not "Ultra SE.")


Patsearcher said...

I think every box I've seen of this product has had a Josh Newman auto in it.

Chemgod said...

worst set of 2008?

Holy crap I would have to kill myself if I bought that box.

stusigpi said...
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stusigpi said...

At least it wasn't another J Willingham Auto. I have to say those die cuts arent bad if you are a set builder, if they came out somewhat mint. I want to know when the people from pinnacle decided to play a joke on upper deck by printing these and slapping an Upper Deck label on them?

Wax Heaven said...

If you want to get rid of those J. Willingham autos, I will trade for them.

Rob- AKA "VOTC" said...

UD X gets my vote for worst product among all sports for the 2008 calander year

Slette said...

I have some more cards from your Want List set aside if you want to swap those Rivera, Posada and Jeter YSLs...

dayf said...

Eeeccch. I pulled a Newman auto too, so I feel your pain.