Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Something I'll cherish forever.

At the end of the eighth inning, I drove over to my 86-year-old grandpop's house -- a tad bit tired to be sure, but this is something I was waiting 25 years for.

After grandmom died, grandpop lives by himself and, considering his age, this might be his last chance to see a winner.

I arrived just in time to see Longoria pop-out to Chutley.

I asked my grandpop if I can turn down the sound on the TV and turn on radio.

I needed to hear the voice of Harry Kalas call these last two outs.

Then Zobrist lined out to Werth.

And then Lidge struck out Hinske.


Justin G. said...

Congrats to the Phillies and all their fans. As a Rays fan the loss hurts because you never know when your team will make it back, but the Phils deserved it.

And you can't get any better than Harry Kalas - one of the best voices in baseball.

Jawdy said...

YEAH BABY!!! WE DID IT!!!! Can ya believe it, Wheels? WE DID IT!!!!!!! WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!

The Duckman Says said...

I just spent the past i dont know how many hours on Broad Street. Shit was intense. There was a long line of kids coming from all directions celebrating this wonderful victory. At around midnight windows were being broken and fires started and all te fun riot crap. But until that point... amazingness

Dave said...

Congratulations, Chris! Your team and their fans truly deserve this championship and the celebration. Hopefully my Rays will get another chance next year.

Harry Kalas has a great voice, but I'm a bigger fan of his son, Todd.

Gellman said...
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Chemgod said...

Much better than Buck calling it. Buck is pathetic as a big game anouncer.

Joe S. said...

I dont know, maybe its a Philly thing, but the announcer seems a bit dull.

Like I said, I'm sure it's different if you grew up listening to this guy, but it just seems a bit low energy. It sounds like a toned down national broadcast.

Either way, congrats.

PunkRockPaint said...

Congratulations! I am glad you got to share it with your grandfather.

I hope to experience another championship here in San Diego some day. (Yeah, I count the San Diego Sockers indoor soccer championships... You take 'em where you can get 'em.)

SJ said...

My own grandfather is closing in on both 80 and his personal sunset. I couldn't help but think the postponement allowed him to see the end live rather than on the news this morning. To hear Wheels crying on the radio was moving. Going to work today and seeing sheer joy on the faces of my co-workers. I wish every town got to win the World Series... but I'm really happy it's our turn.

capewood said...

Thanks for posting the Phillies clip with Harry Kalas. Down here in Texas my only choice was Fox (or ESPN radio, I don't know which was worse). Where did this clip come from?