Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pinnacle, Ten Years Later.

It was ten years ago this month Pinnacle Brands -- maker of such brands as Score, Select, Zenith, Sportflix, and later on, Donruss -- went out of business.

With a decade's hindsight, what do you remember about Pinnacle?

Do their cards stand the test of time?

What Pinnacle Brands brands (sorry) do you wish were still around?


IkesCards said...

Sportflics. My 6 year old got me back into the hobby this year and I love to watch the excitement in his eyes when he finds singles at the flea market or when opening a pack from the box we found on vacation... doubley so when its a Cardinal.

Steve Gierman said...

I wish the Score and Pinnacle base sets were still around. I loved collecting those in the early nineties.

dayf said...

Score base set, definitely. The hobby could really use a good, comprehensive base set that can be bought at a dollar a pack. Just look at Score football. It's a little goofy looking but generally a nice little set.

Pinnacle also did some innovative things in their day. They were the first to sell a premium brand of cards inside a tin to prevent searching if I'm not mistaken. The cans... well not so much, but they were trying.

Ryan Cracknell said...

Between Pinnacle and Pacific, you can't say they didn't try new things. I'm only now starting to appreciate the beauty of the Museum Collection cards. Other randomws:

Their "Dare to Tear" program beat the A&G Rip Cards by a decade.

Their slogan " Guaranteed Scarce" towards the end was funny and apparently oh-so-true considering all the product that's still out there.

1990-91 Score was one of the first sets I ever built from scratch.

A dealer at the local charged $25 for the 1991 Score Dream Team Canseco.

Those were the days.

Offy said...

I always loved the Dufex technology. I wouldn't mind seeing some other card company use something similar on their cards. I'm just about chromed out these days.

Score was always a nice set even when Dream Team went from a subset to an insert set.

They were trying innovative things way before anyone else. At the very least it made for great cheap wax to bust. Busting "wax" with a can opener was always fun.

Spiff said...

Miss Sportflix as well.

Unknown said...

I never much cared for most Pinnacle products, but Zenith had some good years for hockey. I also remember the Canseco Dream Team card I wanted so badly but could never afford. It's not so much the product that I miss, it's the days when there were more than two licensed manufacturers for baseball cards and one for hockey.

SJ said...

One word: Dufex!

I miss team pinnacle too.

--David said...

I always liked Score base sets, and some of the higher-end Pinnacle stuff was off the charts in terms of visual appeal and general sturdiness. Heck, 'm STILL trying to finish the 1997 Score Indians Team set Premier editions (they're the gold ones)! LOL

ShifterBrain said...

I'm (still) a big fan of Score. Who wouldn't like sets that were:

* huge (700-800 cards each year)
* full color on front and back (starting in 1988, before Upper Deck)
* full of good, attainable rookie cards of players you actually cared about
* stuffed with good-looking subsets, also easily attainable

I built a (nearly) complete set of 1990 Score some years ago, from packs, for a total cost outlay of about 30 bucks in wax boxes. Gotta love that kind of value.

I also liked the first (1992) set of Pinnacle, with its bold black design, but cards of all types started getting too expensive for a middle-schooler at that point.