Monday, June 02, 2008

Upper Deck Lowers Their Standards (just a bit).

In my rage over Topps bait-and-switching the Kosuke Fukudome RC, I passed overlooked this.

I'm not as angry with Upper Deck with this one because, after the series one Hillary fiasco, I think we all were expecting that they'd pull a similar stunt. I'm also not as angry because, unlike the Kosuke Fukudome gimmick card (which, BTW, is still listed on as base set card #645), both versions of these cards were posted to the checklist on That and, again, unlike the Topps Fukudome, it does not compromise the integrity of the base set.

But just because I'm not as mad, it still doesn't mean I like it.

(h/t Orlando Sentinel's Sports Stuff)

On the other hand...

I'm more disappointed than angry over this one. Upper Deck has still not confirmed the existence of this variation. But I guess if you absolutely have to lower yourself to gimmicks, then short-printed variations (which do NOT compromise the base set) are the way to go.


capewood said...

Why did they picture Obama and Clinton both as catchers, I wonder?

dayf said...

The picture is supposed to be a play on the Red Sox celebration from last year's playoff. (never mind that Varitek jumped into Papelbon's arms) The winner of the nomination is the pitcher which is why Hillary got yanked from the set. There are 5 more predictor cards in the set where Obama is fighting with McCain. Each one has a Hillary variation but they didn't pull those cards.

Andrew Harner said...

I don't mind that Fukudome. It's like the Daisuke card from 2007 Topps Series Two. I think it is interesting to see some of Japanese culture on a trading card. I always enjoyed looking at the Bowman International cards from the late 1990s that were written in different languages.