Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Stuff that Blogger left out of my '07 UD Review.

  • The first 50 cards in the set are all of MLBPA-approved "ROOKIE CARDS." For some reason, they don't call them the "Star Rookies," but you get the idea.
  • Speaking of which: Card #31 of Jeremy Brown (a.k.a. "The Fat Catcher from Moneyball") has had his "ROOKIE CARD" logo removed. Apparently, UD was able to sneak him into last year's Update set. For the record, his true "RC" is in '02 Bowman Draft PIcks and Prospects.
  • Initially, each Rookie Redemption card was to have been good for only one of the 20 "Rookies." But according to Beckett, each card will now be good for the whole set, and they'll be numbered as part of the base set (#501-520).
  • I think we can figure out who the first two of these Rookie Redemptions are -- think "Gyroballs" and the Infamous, Deplorable, Keith Olbermann.

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