Monday, March 26, 2007

Double Box Break: 2007 Upper Deck Series One

Two Boxes of 2007 Upper Deck Series One (Paid $55 each)
16 packs per box, 15 cards per pack (MSRP: $4.99/pack)

For the record, I wrote a full box break and review. But when I attempted to publish it, lost it and I was unable to recover it. Gee thanks, blogger!

Since I don't feel like investing another three hours hacking out another review, I'll just give you what I pulled. Sorry about that.

Base Set: 283 of 500 (56.60%)
124 Doubles
1 Rookie Redemption

2 "Parallels:" B. Anderson, T. Saito (#/75)

1 Postseason Predictor: St. Louis
1 MVP Predictor: A. Gonzales
8 1989 Reprints: A. Kaline, C. FIsk, H, Wagner, J. Foxx, M. Ott, R. Hornsby, S. Paige, W. Johnson
2 Cal Ripken, Jr. Chronicles
2 Ken Griffey, Jr. Chronicles

4 UD Game Materials: B. Roberts, C. Beltran, Jeter, J. Bay
2 Star Signings: J. Gomes, Reed Johnson (EXCH)

The Bottom Line:

I didn't think Upper Deck could outdo itself, but they did. '07 UD is better than last year's Set of the Year.

Product Rating: 4 3/4 Gumsticks (out of five)

About the only thing preventing this from being a 5 Gumstick product, is the annoying Team Checklist cards. What's the point in having Team Checklist cards, when only half the team is represented? I was looking through my '93 UD set and I think I have a better idea: TeamStars. You remember that card of Lenny Dykstra holding a handful of nails, with John Kruk, Darren Daulton, and Dave Hollins standing behind him with sledge hammers? Wasn't TeamStars just a cool concept? Wouldn't it make sense to have TeamStars cards in the first two series, and save the Team Checklists for the Update?


ZarkonGT said...

How'd you find a box of UD Series 1 for $55?

Ebay offers one for $65, but most of the rest are $70+

Chris Harris said...

White Plains.

Anonymous said...

You must have had 2 good boxes cause I bought 1 box and pulled 1 game jersey card out and thats it. No other inserts of any kind at all! I bought them from an upper deck store and it seemed funny that no other insert in that entire box existed so I wrote them and they basically told me "too bad". Upper deck was very rude about it and because of that I'll never buy a box of regular upper deck again!!