Monday, March 26, 2007

I knew him when...

After my freshman year of college (1993), I took a summer job at The Score Board; Ken Goldin's sports card and memorabilia company whose offices were just down the road from my parents house. It was tedious, dull, and boring -- busting dozens of wax boxes per day, separating the stars from the commons, and so forth -- but damn it was fun. I was young, stupid, and on the ground floor of the sports collectibles industry; working towards my dream job.

One day there was a buzz around the office that Score Board was about to sign Michael Jordan to an exclusive autograph contract. It was around this time I ran into the man who was charged with signing Michael Jordan: John Thompson III. The deal fell through and Jordan eventually signed with Upper Deck.

Fast forward fourteen years, and the same John Thompson III, former employee of The Score Board, has just coached Georgetown University into the Final Four.

So yes, even though I had Texas coming out of the East regional, I have rooting interest in this year's Final Four. Go Hoyas!

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Anonymous said...

Chris, not sure you remember me, i was the director of hobby sales and media relations. it was nice to see john make this leap. it got me rooting for G-Town as well.
bob brill