Saturday, April 07, 2007

1st Impressions: 2007 Ultra "SE"

Last year, it was Bowman. In 2004, it was Diamond Kings. In 2002: Bowman's Best. And before that: SP Authentic, SPx, Finest, and (of course) 2001 Donruss. Now you can add another to the list of once collectible baseball card products ruined by unnecessary gimmickry: Fleer Ultra.

I have in my formerly nicotine stained fingers (*crunch, crunch, crunch*) the sell sheet for "2007 ULTRA SE." Yes folks, it's true. UpperFleerDeck has converted Ultra into a one-per-pack-autogamer product. Five packs per box, fifteen cards per pack. MSRP: $20/pack.

Why? Aren't there enough one-per-pack autogamer products already? Did The Hobby really need another one? And why Ultra?

Yeah, I know, it's all about delivering "Pack Value." More "Hits Per Box!" Whatever.

If there is a positive to '07 Ultra, at least UpperFleerDeck didn't monkey around with the base set. It's still 250 cards, with 50 "Rookie Cards" seeded at the rate of one-per-pack -- although for some reason 13 of them are designated as "Lucky 13" cards. And there are the usual bevy of non-parallel inserts.

But still, it's not the same Ultra. (I guess that's the reason for the "SE.") Oh well.

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