Thursday, May 26, 2011

No, that's not Keith Olbermann's leg. AND WE HAVE THE PROOF!

Oh sure, Keith Olbermann says that his right leg and arm are in the background of Ken Landreaux's 1981 Topps card.

But we here at Stale Gum, we know the TRUTH!

An anonymous e-mailer sent along this un-doctored, completely legit, photo of that fateful Sunday afternoon, May 11, 1980; right before Ken Landreaux went 1-for-4 in a 5-0 CG SHO at the hands of should-be Hall of Famer Tommy John, that PROVES once again,




See for yourself.

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Eric L said...

Careful now. Don't want to become one of Olbermann's "WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD!!!!!1!@!"