Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blog Bat Around: $50-large on eBay?

How I'd blow $50K on eBay? Simple.

I'll take 5000 of these.

That is all.

OK, not really.

Here's how I'd spend $50-grr on eBay:

I'd start with this unopened '72 Topps waxbox for $4,995. Not a bad return on a $2.40 investment in '72, eh? I don't particularly "get" the professional grading of wax boxes, but hey, EVEN MORE TO RIP!

Here's another five-grand: A case of 1968 Fleer Baseball Iron-ons. I have no idea what these are, but what the hell. Now I know how Monty Brewster felt.

$40-grand to go. Let's see...

How about a 1992 Derek Jeter Little Sun Autograph (Graded Mint "9" by PSA) for the low, low, price of $39,900! And, "also included is a copy of God’s Simple Plan of Salvation Gospel tract."

Wow! What a deal! And I still have $106 left over to blow on all that junk wax!

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