Saturday, September 26, 2009

What I Got at the Philly Show: 9/26/09

One box of Goodwin Champions: $68
62 $1 inserts: $62
Admission: $6
Tolls: $9
Grand Total: $145


Anonymous said...

Go and bust that Goodwin box at Ford's Theatre. Their website indicates that day-of tickets are free if you want a tour. I just figured Lincoln was featured in the set, and you won't have to scrounge for a place to sit and open those packs.

salveste said...

Masonic Temple in Alexandria is also free and looks pretty cool, but I've never been inside (I see it everyday on my way to work)

shue said...

John F. Kennedy Center is nice by the river. Tours are free during the day if you want to go inside, or just sit anywhere outside. Metro to Foggy Bottom and walk half mile, or there is paid street/garage parking available.

salveste said...

another idea... there are some grassy areas outside of Howard University Hospital, which was the site of Griffith Stadium where the Washington Senators and Redskins played