Sunday, September 06, 2009

On-Location Box Break: 2009 Topps Chrome

One Hobby Box (supplied to me for free by Topps) of 2009 Topps Chrome Baseball
24 packs per box, four cards per pack

Part One

Part Two

The Pulls

Base Set: 76 of 243 (31.28%)
short set: 76 of 220 (34.55%)
Autographed "Rookie" Cards (1:20 packs): 0 of 23

8 Refractors (1:3) S. Drew, D. Wright, C. Lee, J. Santana, B. Zito, Y. Gallardo, J. Bay, That J.D. Guy
2 Autographed "Rookie" Refractors (23 cards, 1:47, numbered to 499) R. Romero, G. Kottaras
2 Blue Refractors (1:13, numbered to 199) Pat the Bat, J. Mauer
1 Gold Refractor (1:50, numbered to 50) H. Matsui


6 World Baseball Classic Stars (100 cards, 1:4) Chipper, some Dutch guy, some Italian guy, some Italian guy, and a couple of guys from Chinese Taipei
1 World Baseball Classic Stars Refractor (100 cards, 1:16, numbered to 500) some Dutch guy

I'm sorry, but still don't get the concept behind Chrome. I already bought these cards before, why do I need them again?

The 23 gimmicked rookies are not true Rookies, as all 23 appear in the 220-card short set. For example, I pulled an Autographed Refractor of Blue Jays pitcher Ricky Romero, which is card #234 in the set. However, card #193 in the base set is also of Ricky Romero. It's the same exact card as #234, only without the autograph; therefore, making this card (#193) the true RC. Epic Fail.

Product Rating:
2 1/2 Gumsticks (out of 5)


Anonymous said...

I could use any Stephen Drew that you pulled. LMK.


I know what you mean.Chromes are shiny,good-looking cards,but why don't they make them a set of their own,with different designs and inserts.There aren't very many surprises.

LongFlyBall said...

Had to post a comment just because of the verification word.

cubene - A chemical compound that makes you impervious to despair.

deal said...

Nice attempt on the On location break - who knew that Blowout Cards was housing such huge secrets - what are they doing printing up 1952 Mantles or something?

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming those sunsabitches down at Blowout Cards are all Glasgow Rangers fans?