Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Full list of 2008 Gummie Winners.

Product of the Year, Set of the Year, and Best Retro-Themed Product: Topps Allen & Ginter.

All of these were runaway winners, and neither should come as a shock.

Card of the Year: Donruss Threads Bats #9, Shoeless Joe Jackson

This was the first surprise result. The smart money was on the Topps Obama, but it could only muster 25% of the vote. Meanwhile, the Shoeless Joe Bat card from Donruss Threads received 41% and won in an upset.

Rookie Card of the Year: Topps Heritage #650, Evan Longoria

It wasn't much of a shock to see Longoria get this award. What was a shock was that it wasn't the one with the cut/sticker autograph, swatch of jersey fabric, and serial numbering that won (SP Authentic); but just a humble base card (Heritage).

Best Insert Set: Topps Trading Card History

Trading Card History got 56% of the vote, easily defeating TA&G's Mini World Leaders.

Best Autogamer Set: Topps Allen & Ginter Framed Relics

The TA&G Framed Relics got 45%, while Stadium Club Beam Team beat out Topps Heritage A Real One for second by a single vote.

Also, Razor Signature Autographs did not receive a single vote.

Best High-End Product: Playoff Prime Cuts IV

This by far, was the most competitive category.

Topps Triple Threads 21.7%
Upper Deck Premier 14.5%
Topps Finest 20.5%
Topps Sterling 19.3%
Playoff Prime Cuts IV 24.1%

Best Prospect Themed Product:
Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects.

If I were a betting man, I'd have placed my money on Razor to win, and BDP&P to finish last. As it turns out, BDP&P won and Razor got the wooden spoon.

Best Unlicensed Product:
Playoff Prime Cuts IV

Donruss took the Win (Prime Cuts), Place (D'Russ Threads), and Show (DEEE) positions.

Worst Overall Product:
Upper Deck X
Most Disappointing Product:
Stadium Club
Most Meaningless Product:
Upper Deck Documentary

All three were shoo-ins, and all three carried at least 40% of the vote in their respective categories.

Worst Gimmick:
Topps #661, Johan Santana "No-Hitter"

I really thought it was going to be the fake Japanese ballplayer (Uzuki). But you chose the fake no-hitter.

Best Hobby Blog:
Cardboard Junkie

This was a two-horse race between The Junkie and.....

Best Hobby News Source:
Wax Heaven

Mario received over 65% of the vote.

Best Video Box Breaker:

I mean, come on! It's Tom the Ripper. Everyone else was competing for second place -- which, by the way, went to Dr. Wax Battle.

Hobby Rookie of the Year:
Evan Longoria

77% of the vote. Nuff said.

Hobby MVP:
Josh Hamilton

This was a battle between Hamilton and Albert Pujols, but in the end, Hamilton won with 39% to Pujols's 27%.

Hobby Top Prospect: David Price

Another no-brainer.

Jefferson Burdick Award for Contributions to The Hobby:
Ben Henry

I thought you'd give it to Sy Berger, but Ben Henry pulled it out with his Casey at the Bat farewell.


Wax Heaven said...

Sweet! Always good to get some recognition from Chris Harris!

Dayf, I am gunning for you in 2010! That's two years in a row, Mr. Tom Hanks.

dayf said...

You'll beat me when you can do this:


I am the Phillies, you are the Rays my friend!

Tom the Ripper said...

I want to do a nominees video next year. also I think we need to intermix the card "blogosphere" with the card "youtube-o-sphere" more.

there's many thousands of people on youtube who I know would read these blogs if they knew about them, not all of them jackasses.