Tuesday, November 04, 2008

More info on 2009 UD

  • Structure of the 500 card base set...
  • 400 veterans
    30 Rookies
    30 Team Leaders
    10 Season Highlights
    30 Team Checklists
  • I don't particularly understand the logic behind having BOTH a Team Leader AND a Team Checklist subset.

  • Joe DiMaggio is listed as card #0 on the provisional checklist. (Gimmicked SP? God I hope not.)

  • All 30 "Rookies" are of September call-ups with Tampa Bay's David Price being the "money card."

  • Each 20-card Hobby pack will have two insert cards. Assuming some of these are exclusive to retail, the complete list of inserts reads as follows:
    Gold Parallel (numbered to 99)
    StarQuest (25 cards, available in six different flavors)
    Rookie Debuts (30 cards, same checklist as the base set Rookies)
    '75 OPC (50 cards, 1:4/packs, available in regular and mini varieties)
    Rivals (25 cards)
    Greats of the Game (25 cards)
    USA 18U National Team (18 cards)
    USA Retrospectives (14 cards)
    20th Anniversary (1:2)
    Yankee Tedium Lunacy Update (1:4)
    MLB Documentary Update (1:4)

  • Each 16-pack Hobby waxbox will yield two jersey cards, one of which will be a multi-swatch card (double, triple, or quad) numbered to 199 copies or less.

  • One autographed gamer and a patch card per 12-box case.


Anonymous said...

Oh well, scratch collecting the OPC cards. 50 at 1:4 packs, when I have to worry about getting a mini instead? Too aggravating.

Dinged Corners said...

]naive question follows[

Why don't these sell sheets/press releases ever seem to discuss blasters?

dayf said...

Sell sheets are typically given out to hobby distributors and hobby stores trying to get them to order their product. Blasters typically only go to the big retailers and I'm guessing that UD and Topps work with them closely anyway so there's no need to advertise them. Putting the blasters on the sell sheet would probably only irritate hobby shops since they are retail-only products that go to their main competitor.