Wednesday, November 12, 2008

1st Impressions: 2009 Topps

Yes, I know. Beckett posted the first prototypes last week. As an editorial decision, I've reserved judgment until somebody posted a sell sheet.

But now, the sell sheets are out. Here's what you'll find in 2009 Topps!

Base Set: 330 cards

Looks like another 660-card phone-it-in special from Topps. :-(

Legends of the Game: 17 variations (1:6 Hobby, one-per HTA pack)

Here's how this gimmick works. Card #1 in the base set is A-Rod, but the variation of #1 is Babe Ruth.

Gold: Numbered to 2009 (1:9 Hobby, 1:2 HTA)
Black: Numbered to 58
Platinum: 1/1
Silk: 100 card partial parallel, numbered to 50

With the exception of the every-other-pack Gold Foil, the parallels are unchanged.

Legends of the Game: 25 cards (1:6 Hobby, one-per HTA pack)
Turkey Red: 55 cards (1:4 Hobby, one-per HTA pack)
Ring of Honor: 25 cards (1:6 Hobby, one-per HTA pack)
World Baseball Classic Redemption: Ten cards (1:36 Hobby, 1:10 HTA)
Sketch Cards
Four separate ten-card retail-exclusive inserts.

I don't see a Mickey Mantle hero worship set anywhere on the sell sheet (Thank God).

Turkey Red is this year's "Continuity Insert."

Odd numbered cards #1-50 in the Ring of Honor insert will be given away at HTA stores. Even numbered cards will be inserted into packs.

Each Hobby box will contain a hit, and each HTA box will have three. Then again, if you're buying this JUST for the "Hits," well.....


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I'm starting to think more and more UD is the way to go next year.

steveisjewish said...

I have to agree - while I will undoubtedly collect both because I am a sucker, I just feel like you know what you are going to get with upper deck, and sometimes they give ya just a little more. You never know how dissapointed you will be with a topps product until you waste that money to get a box the day it drops

I Am The Average Joe said...

Why does everyone hate topps so much? I collected them as a kid and will always defend them, even though the UD set is a lot nicer :(

jameeman said...

I dunno, maybe I'm just breaking a particularly solid HTA box of Jumbo-packs. But, with 4 packs remaining? I have already snared;
a Pee Wee Reese Cooperstown Commemorative Letter Patch (E), a Ryan Howard Jersey, a Travis Snider auto, a World baseball Classic redemption, a handful of Golds, and a pair of blacks (#'50).

My perspective is that the bang for buck value is solid, there IS the chance of pulling a once-in-a-lifetime cut auto or even dual auto, and for $85 at a show? I think the haul has been pretty good. The auto checklist is NOT bloated with marginal, Joel Peralta and Ryan Garko types, and the design is a constant.
Nice blog bro-

Anonymous said...

topps is a classic and is much nicer than UD this year. plus the cards have looked pretty much the same the past few years in the UD set. topps is the way to go.