Monday, October 30, 2006

Topps is raking it in.

For those of you who had their doubts on the MLBPA's product guidelines and were cursing the PA for revoking Donruss's license, comes this.

Topps has announced that profits for the quarter ending in August were up nearly 10% over the same period last year. Leading the charge were sales of sports cards (baseball cards in particular), which are up 75% over the same period last year and 66% for the six months ending in August.

All credit was given to the reduction of brands in the marketplace (i.e. no more Donruss) and The Hobby's new focus on low-end products.

In fact, according to COO Scott Silverstein, sales of 2006 Topps baseball at mass-market retail outlets (Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, etc.) were up an impressive 124% over '05 Topps baseball. He also said that sales of '06 Opening Day and '06 Bazooka were up 101% and 42% respectively.

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