Monday, October 10, 2011

2011 Topps Updates: No Gimmicks Required.

2011 Topps Updates Baseball should be on the shelves at your LCS and/or mass-market retail outlet by now, and with it are the inevitable gimmicks. I mean, this is Topps. Surely they won't allow the third series of their flagship brand be released without doing something stupid, right?

So what's it going to be for this year's Update?

Is it going to be something like a squirrel, Joba Chamberlain listed "accidentally" as a Houston Astro, or a fake rookie card of Jacoby Ellsbury like they did in 2007?

How about purposely printing Evan Longoria, Jay Bruce, and Kosuke Fukudome's cards upside-down, like they did in 2008?

Stephen Strasburg hit with a shaving cream pie? Man, that's so 2010.

This year's gimmick is...


Yes, there are another 25 unannounced "Legend Variations." But other than that, there are no gimmicks in 2011 Topps Updates Baseball. At least none that have surfaced on eBay.

They even got rid of the Twinks!

Maybe the Topps product development team is finally getting it. Maybe they realize that their flagship brand needs no artificial inducement, gimmick, or other chicanery for collectors to buy it, and that Topps Updates is good enough to sell on its own.

If so, that would truly be "game changing."


carlsonjok said...

Well, they did introduce the Cognac Diamond parallels, in addition to the "old skool" diamond parallels from Series 1 and 2. I get the point of a parallel set, though I don't collect them myself. But a second parallel in the same set?

flywheels said...

I don't get the Cognac parallels, but the lack of a gimmick truly is refreshing.

Retrofan said...

Perhaps the gimmick is making the collector think they have done away with gimmicks, only to bring them back next year.

dayf said...

George: "THAT'S the gimmick!"
Jerry: "What's the gimmick?"
George: "Nothing!"
Jerry: "Nothing's the gimmick??"
George: "Absolutely nothing."

Tim Stafford said...

Obviously not good enough to keep the price of a hobby box above $30.00! Why does it seem U&H always has the lowest after-market prices of Topps releases?