Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Who's in Your TA&G 5?

It's simple really. Just list the five people/places/things you'd like to see in 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter, and post it to Twitter with the following hashtag: #2012tang (I tried #2012ta&g, but it didn't work).

Or, just post your five in the comments.

Yeah, I fully realize that 2011 TA&G ain't out yet.

This is called "long-run planning."

Oh, you want to know who's in my TA&G5?


Spankee said...

I'll go Jefferson Burdick, Barry Bonds, Ebbets Field, Karch Kiraly, and the Batmobile.

dayf said...

Jeff Burdick, Emperor Norton, Crystl Bustos, Kurt Vonnegut, Dr. Robert Moog and/or the Moog Synthesizer.

Nice call on Laurie Anderson.

thosebackpages said...

#2012tang John Lennon, George Harrison, Arthur Ashe, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen

Ryan G said...

Carly Patterson (in the tradition of Kerri Strug, Shawn Johnson), Britney Spears, Tom Hanks, Queen (the music group - Freddie Mercury, etc). I'd totally chase relic/autos of all of them.

The Lost Collector said...

Mr. Miyagi, The Brady Bunch, Don Zimmer, Jesus Montero, George M. Steinbrenner

Laurens said...

Justin Bieber
Keyboard cat
Charlie Sheen
Jose Canseco

AdamE said...

"Digger" Doug Gust
Dennis Anderson
Andre The Giant
George Foreman

Retrofan said...

Kurt Cobain, iJustine, Luke Skywalker, Antarctica and Brett Favre

Eric L said...

Sammy Hagar, Adam Carolla, Bubbles (from the Wire), Augusta National Golf Club (Amen Corner maybe?), and Timothy Olyphant.

Anonymous said...

G. Gordon Liddy, Roswell NM, Cap'n Crunch, Pope Urban II (1st crusade), and nitrogen

Unknown said...

Evil Kenevil,Brad Stevens,Fort Knox, Frank and Mike from American Pickers,Derrick Rose

Justin Drummond said...

Yosemite National Park
John Muir
Vin Scully
Charles Schulz
Jim Henson

To go along with the Henson card there should also be Muppet DNA relics.

mike said...

The Challenger; The 33-inning game (Ripken); Charlie Sheen; Anthony Robles (ASU); Sidd Finch

AEast317 said...

Lionel Messi
Hugh Heffner
Wu-Tang Clan (insert?)
Captain America

AEast317 said...

also i'd like to cosign your henry rollins and juan agudelo picks(hopefully agudelo will one day really be a WORLD'S CHAMPION)!

ernest of canada said...

bellows falls vt, george harrison, the vandercook press, marcel duchamp (or the large glass), and pizza.

and i'll third jefferson burdick, and henry rollins as reserves. the two of them will have to arm wrestle for the right to appear on a card in the event of an injury to any of the others.