Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stale Gum Robot Theatre Presents: The 2010 Gummies, Call for Nominations

So please, send me your nominations for each of the categories below, and send me any suggestions for any new categories, to And be sure to look for the 2010 Gummie Awards really soon!

Categories for the 2010 Gummies:

Product of the Year
Card of the Year
Rookie Card of the Year
Best Base Set
Best Insert Set
Best Autographed/Game Used Set
Best Retro Themed Product
Best Designed Product
Best "High-End" Product
Best Set for Prospects
Best Unlicensed Product
Best Hobby Idea/Innovation
Worst Overall Product
Worst Base Set
Most Meaningless Product
Most Disappointing Product
Worst Insert Set
Worst Designed Product
Worst Gimmick
Best Cardblog (You can't vote for your own!)
Best New Cardblog
Best Hobby News Source (Again, you can't vote for own.)
Best Video Box Breaker/YouTuber
Hobby MVP
Hobby ROY
Hobby Top Prospect
Best "No-Nonsense" Football Card Product
Best Water-Based Lubricant
Jefferson Burdick Award for Contributions to The Hobby (this goes to a person)

1 comment:

deal said...

How about a category for most missed card blog - for the card blogs that have stop publishing in the past year.