Saturday, October 10, 2009

On-Location Box Break: 2009 Bowman Sterling Football

Base Set: 22 of 201 (10.95%)
Base Rookies: 8 of 50 (each numbered to 799): T. Fiammetta, R. Quinn, C. Barwin, R. Johnson, A. Allen, K. Barnes, T. McKenzie, Q. Lawrence
Veteran Relic Base Cards: 4 of 50 (production varies): S. Jackson /719, J. Charles /999, D. McNabb /249, A. Gates /999
Autographed Rookie Base Cards: 6 of 45 (production varies): I. Johnson /999, W. Moore /999, J. Davis /999, B. Foster /999, M. Teel /299, C. Ogbonnaya /699
Rookie Relic Base Cards: 4 of 34 (numbered to 749) J. Johnson, S. McGee, D. Brown, P. White
Veteran Autographed Relic Base Cards: 0 of 16
Veteran Autographed Base Cards: 0 of 6
2 Rookie Autographed Relic Base Card Variations: L. McCoy /150, K. Britt /500

2 Rookie Base Card Refractors (1:3, numbered to 299) Q. Johnson, R. Brace
1 Rookie Base Card X-Fractor (one-per-box, numbered to 100) V. Davis
1 Veteran Relic Base Card Refractor (numbered to 199) C. Taylor
1 Veteran Relic Base Card Black Refractor (numbered to 50) M. Forte
2 Rookie Relic Base Card Refractors (1:5, numbered to 199) B. Robiskie, A. Brown


Chemgod said...

Chris, it's a nice product but, most of the cards are of players who aren't even in the NFL. If you pay $220 for a box of this, you just aren't getting close to the value. I would put the eBay value of your box at about $40. So $220 to get $40 of product just doesn't add up. Nice designs, nice cards, nice mojo but horrible value.

Drop The Gloves! said...

Brooks Foster autograph? I'd rather have a Foster Brooks auto.

TheIronLung said...

It's hard to get value on Sterling... but its always been longer term value with most Bowman products.

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danny411 said...

how do u get free boxes from topps i need to know how...