Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Place Your Bets, Folks. Place Your Bets.


Ben Henry's long slog through the early 1990s is almost over, and he's down to the Final Four Three Two. By my count, the only four three two card sets he's yet to rank are:

1990 Leaf
1990 Score
1991 Stadium Club
1992 Bowman

So what will it be? What set will Ben Henry choose as the number one card set of the early 1990s? Allow me to introduce my alter ego: Chrissy "The Greek."

1990 Score (3-2)
Coming from a guy who rated 1987 Topps as the best set of the 80s, it would be no surprise if Henry selects this set #1.

1991 Stadium Club (3-1)
The second choice on the board, 1991 Stadium Club is a set that would apply to Ben's aesthetic sensibilities.

1990 Leaf (9-1)
A true landmark set, but will that be enough to overtake '90 Score or '91 Stadium Club?

1992 Bowman (25-1)
Another benchmark product, '92 Bowman is a bit of a long shot. While many may consider this a value bet, "my sources" tell me 1992 Bowman has no chance.


dayf said...

So basically these top four are competing for the honor of "Most precipitous drop in value from time of release to the present day"?

That's a tough choice...

Anonymous said...

Even though I still have my 1990 Score Eric Anthony in a top-loader, my money is on 1991 Stadium Club. Gold foil, full-bleed Kodak photography and the rookie card on the back all make the set best of the 1990s.

Anonymous said...

How did I get so predictable?

SJ said...

I would say '91 TSC but Ben practically said '90 Score. Where are my Kevin Maas rookie cards?

Laura Barron-Lopez said...

1.) 1992 Bowman - landmark set, lots of rookies, lots of guys, foil subsets, et al.
2.) 1990 Score - Bo Jackson, Dream Teamers
3.) 1991 Stadium Club - ushered in the 'upper crust, this isn't just a baseball card set for anyone,' super premium set with its studio shots i.e. Nolan Ryan, Dave Stewart, et al.
4.) 1990 Leaf - nice crop rookie cards of 1990s all-stars; second mainstream premium set after 1989 Upper Deck.