Monday, January 28, 2008

1st Impressions: 2008 Topps Series Two

The first series of 2008 Topps isn't even out yet, but the sell sheets for the second are. (Go figure!)

Here's the sell sheet, and the checklist.


dayf said...

What's up with the prancing douchebag on the front of the sell sheet?

OOOOH! ME WANT PRESIDENTIAL MATCHUP CARDS! I have a 55 card weirdo set to chase now!

Silk cards? Why?

25 more baseball history cards! Jooooooy.....

Topps hops on the Yankee Stadium train with dumb patch cards, yawn.

toppstown? WTF is toppstown?

Who cards, I got two insert sets to chase. I'm happy. I look forward to seeing the sell sheet for Updates & Highlights by March.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the checklist?

Anonymous said...

At some point last year after dropping way too much money first on a Series 1 HTA box and later on Series 2 retail packs to avoid red backs, I promised myself that in 2008 I'd just pick up a factory set of 2008 Topps.

Who knew it would be the POLITICAL JUNKIE in me forcing me to seriously consider buying HTA boxes of 2008 Topps?

Chris Harris said...

WTF is Toppstown?

Toppstown sounds suspiciously like those e-cards Upper Deck put out seven years ago.

Nice to see Mickey Buysner ahead of The Hobby innovation curve -- albeit seven years behind.

Anonymous said...

I am in for the All-Rookie Team Anniversary cards. Yipee! Lukewarm to the rest of the stuff.

Chuck said...

Yeah, not too thrilled by the insert sets. Overall not too knocked out. Oh and A-Rod isn't a huge selling point for me either.