Wednesday, June 06, 2007

1st Impressions: 2007 SP Rookie Edition

One thing that's been missing in The Hobby over the last few years -- what with gimmicked rookies and all -- have been products that cater to both "high end" collectors AND set builders. If you really think about it, there haven't been many products that fit both descriptions since the mid-90s. Well, worry no more. Upper Deck has reconfigured SP (if you still consider SP to be "high end) into such a product. "2007 SP Rookie Edition" will contain a base set of 268 cards, and not a single one is short printed. There is a catch though.

The base set will have 100 veterans (cards #1-100) and 42 MLBPA approved "rookies (#101-142). The remaining base cards will all feature the same 42 rookies, but on different designs. For example, cards #143-#184 will copy the design of 1993 SP; #185-226 will mimic '95 SP; and #227-#268 will use the layout of '96 SP. Each eight card pack will yield four rookies: one from each year.

In addition, each 14-pack box will yield two autographed cards -- which are essentially parallels of the rookies.

Yeah, the whole reprint thing is a bit gimmicky. But at least you'll be able to do something that you haven't done since 1998: collect the SP base set.

Street Date: August 29th. Eight cards per pack, 14 packs per box. MSRP is $4.99/pack.

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