Friday, August 10, 2018

Stale Gum on the Fat Packs Podcast

At the recently concluded 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention, I appeared on the Beckett Fat Packs (or is it just one word like "Fatpacks"?) podcast.  Joining me, along with host Eric Norton, was my good friend, and a man who I am convinced is my long-lost Kanadian brother, David "Long Fly Ball" Wright.

We give our takes on how the NSCC can take a page from its past by "adding value" to The National experience with seminars, discussions, and social activities.  We also give our state of The Hobby and how legalized sports gambling might affect the nascent group breaking industry.  All with plenty of pro wrestling references thrown-in, for good measure. (Skip ahead to the 32:45 mark for our segment)

I also assisted Eric and Jeff The Pack Geek in ripping open a 1987 Donruss waxbox. Yes, the collation was shitty, but at least we got Bipped.

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