Friday, December 03, 2010

Card-ola: 2010 Topps Sterling

I'm sorry, but $200/box products should not have redemptions.


Fuji said...

I totally agree... redemption cards in high end products are ridiculous. i understand that they're part of the hobby and they're here to stay... and i know that buying packs is similar to gambling... you're taking a risk... but if i pulled those cards from your pack, i'd be very bummed.

i guess it's lucky that you got the box for free... one less crappy box for a paying customer to bust.

Chemgod said...

I have seen a bunch of these opened and I have to say, it's either hit or miss on this product. I've seen CAl RIpken, Babe Ruth, and Hall of Fame boxes that were outstanding. But you look at this and gotta roll your eyes. The Murray is worth $10, the Piazza (when and if you get it) is worth possibly $30, the Foxx might bring in $5, the other base cards are $3 each. There just is no value to these boxes for the most part. This is where UD has the upper hand, their boxes seem to provide more value in these higher end products.