Sunday, November 29, 2009

Philadelphia (Valley Forge) Show Meet Up.

Next weekend. The Philly Show. Be there.

Where and When:

The Valley Forge Convention Center; King of Prussia, PA (google maps for directions)
Saturday December 5th from Noon until ??? (depends on traffic)
Admission: $7 (kids under eight free!)

For more information on the show, and autograph guests go to the Philly Show website.



dayf said...

Is Atlanta considered driving distance from White Plains? I once had to drive non-stop to northern New Jersey on business once...

sruchris said...

Sounds fun, but it's a bit far from Cleveland.

deal said...

What are you doing - Going up and down the east coast hitting each weekends card show, like it's the NASCAR circuit??

Sooz said...

I went tonight (Friday).