Monday, August 31, 2009

Card-Ola: 2009 Topps American Heritage American Heroes Edition

In case you missed my first BlogTV LIVE! show, here's a little but of what you missed.

One box (supplied to me by Topps for free) of 2009 Topps American Heritage American Heroes Edition)
24 packs per box, eight cards per pack

Part One:

Part one American Heritag - Broadcast your self LIVE

Part Two:

Topps American Heritage p - Broadcast your self LIVE

Part Three:

Topps American Heritage 3 - Broadcast your self LIVE

The Pulls

Base Set:
131 of 150 (87.33%)
short set: 125 of 125
Lincoln/Obama subset: 6 of 25 (1:4)

19 doubles


8 Chrome (1:4, numbered to 1776) M. Pitcher, S. Gompers, E. Crocker, J. Petrosino (X2), M. E. Walker, J. Monroe, N. Bly

6 Heroes of Sport (25 cards, 1:4) M. Mantle, F. Robinson, R. Hornsby, H. Wagner, W. Johnson, G. Sisler
4 Heroes of Spaceflight (28 cards, 1:6) Aurora 7, Gemini VIII, Gemini IX-A, Apollo 12
12 Medal of Honor (50 cards, 1:2) E.A. Carr, T. Custer, O. P. Howe, J. Chamberlain, M. E. Walker, W. F. Cody, B. J. D. Irwin, J. E. V. Gaujot, G. R. Roberts, F. Bennett, W. Halford, O. B. Willcox
6 Presidential Medal of Freedom (25 cards, 1:4) J. Jackson, D. Ellington, H. Lee, J. Stewart, R. Petty, C. Powell
3 A Hero's Journey (15 cards, 1:8)


1 American Heroes Relics (14 cards) J. Moran
1 American Heroes Autographs (12 cards) F. Serpico

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Jeffrey Wolfe said...

This was a lot of fun. You should do some more of these.