Thursday, February 07, 2008

The greatest insert set ever!

UPDATE #2 2/7: I stand corrected on the Hillary/Morganna card. It appears that the card was "pulled" at the last minute, but some of the cards somehow managed to make their way into packs. (wink, wink; nudge, nudge; knowwhatimean?)

Meanwhile, Beckett is reporting that UD2 will have a Hillary. Maybe they can throw in Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul?

UPDATE #1 2/7: UD set up a website where you can see the whole set.

Apparently "Hillary Clinton as Morganna The Kissing Bandit" has been pulled. (Damn political correctness.)

The Jon Stewart vs. Bill O'Reilly "Wild Card" is not shown, but is still on the checklist.

Still no card of Ron Paul.

I guess it's a shot at Topps "Campaign 2008" insert. Maybe not, but Upper Deck's "Presidential Predictors" -- a nine-card "stealth" insert in '08 Upper Deck series one -- is the funniest thing I've seen, like, ever.

2008 UD1 dropped today, and I haven't seen any on eBay (yet), and nor do I know what the pack insertion ratios are.

Here's the complete checklist:

Card #PlayerPrint RunTeam
View card image 2008PP-1Rudy Giuliani (as Jeffrey Maier)

View card image 2008PP-2John Edwards (as Moonlight Graham)

View card image 2008PP-3John McCain (as Ted Williams)

View card image 2008PP-4Barack Obama (as Steve Bartman)

View card image 2008PP-5Mitt Romney (as Carlton Fisk)

View card image 2008PP-6Fred Thompson (as Babe Ruth)

View card image 2008PP-7Hillary Clinton (as Morganna the Kissing Bandit)

View card image 2008PP-8Al Gore (as Jose Offerman) with a cameo by George W. Bush (as Chuck Knoblauch)

View card image 2008PP-9Wild Card

Yes, that's Bill O'Reilly playing the "Robin Ventura" to Jon Stewart's "Nolan Ryan."

An absolute stroke of genius! +1 goes to UD


dayf said...

Dear Lord this is awesome. I hope these things aren't too impossible to pull, I want the set.

Anonymous said...

I want a Ron Paul card! Is Upper Deck owned by Fox News or something?