Monday, October 01, 2007

An Interview with Michael O'Keeffe.

The folks at the webzine (didn't know they still made those things, did ya?) Gelf recently interviewed The Card author Michael O'Keeffe. It's really not anything that you haven't heard before, but it's still a good read nonetheless. And if it helps O'Keeffe sell a few more units, good for him.

Another item of interest for those of you who are in the greater New York area, Gelf is sponsoring a lecture (as part of it's Varsity Letters series) by O'Keeffe this Wednesday night at The Happy Ending Lounge in Manhattan.

(Yes, it's really called "The Happy Ending Lounge." I didn't make that up.)

Normally I'd go to an event like this. But if I did, I'd miss the first Phillies Playoff game in fourteen years. (Not to mention the seasons premiere of South Park and Sarah Silverman.)

Anyway, if anyone's going I'd appreciate a few pictures.

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