Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Double Box Break and Review: 2007 Upper Deck Series Two

Two Boxes of 2007 Upper Deck Baseball Series Two (paid $65 each)
16 packs per box, 15 cards per pack.

The Details

Base Set: 500 cards (#521-1020)
No Shortprints

Press Plates

1989 Rookies: 50 cards
ROY Predictors: 50 cards

UD Game Materials: 41 cards
Star Signings: 33 cards
Daisuke Matsuzaka Game Used: one card
Autographed 1989 Rookies: 24 cards (numbered to 5)

The Pulls:

Base Set: 309 of 500
153 Doubles

8 1989 Rookies: A. Sanchez, C. Stewart, L. Speigner, J. Soria, H. Okajima, J. Garcia, K. Kouzmanoff, and J. Salas
2 ROY Predictors: A. Gordon and J. Burke

4 UD Game Materials: A. Rios, L. Gonzalez, K. Griffey, Jr., and T. Nixon
2 Star Signings: A. Callaspo and J. Baker

The Review.

The first thing I noticed about UD2 is the lack of true "Rookie" cards. I guess that's what happens when you sneak a redemption card in the first series. There is a "Rookie" of Tim Lincecum; but because of the series one redemption card, most of the other top RCs aren't here. (Although Alex Gordon and Daisuke Matsuzaka are represented on Team Checklists.)

What else is noticeable -- compared to not only the first series, but last's year UD set -- is the lack of inserts. With the exception of the press plates, there are no parallels. And the only insert sets are 50 rookies done in the style of the 1989 set, and the Rookie of the Year Predictors.

The Team Checklists are back, but are scattered amongst the commons, rather than segregated at the back end of the base set.

The Bottom Line:

Individually, each box produced 231 base set cards (with no doubles), four '89 Rookies, 1 Predictor, 2 Game Materials, an a Star Signing.

Remember when pulling a Ken Griffey, Jr. game jersey card actually meant something?

One other thing. If you're buying loose packs in search for that Dice-K jersey card, be warned. In both of these boxes, the first pack on the upper-left and lower-left "stacks" contained the two jersey cards. Caveat Emptor.

Product Rating: 4 Gumsticks (Out of five)

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