Saturday, December 02, 2006

What I Got at the Card Show: 12/2/06

Site: Greater Reading Expo Center, Reading, PA

New venue, same ol' Philly Show.

Yeah, it's the end of the semester. And yeah, I still have that term paper/PowerPoint presentation due on Tuesday. But screw all that. It's Philly Show weekend for christsakes, and any self-respecting collector who misses the Philly Show should be flogged.

One hobby box of 1995 Upper Deck series one (Paid $35)
One box of 1997 Bowman series one (Paid $29)

Stack #1: A stack of assorted '06 Topps Allen&Ginter and Ultra Lucky 13 short-prints, and one 2006 Upper Deck David Dellucci. (Paid $45)

Stack #2: (paid $75)
2002 Diamond Kings: Lou Gehrig SP
2002 Diamond Kings Heritage Collection: Mike Schmidt
2002 Diamond Kings T-204: B. Bonds, R. Henderson, & M. Piazza (#/1000 each)
2002 Donruss Diamond Kings Insert: R. Clemens (#/2500)
2002 Donruss The Rookies Rookie Phenoms: M. Prior (/#1000)
2002 Donruss Elite: B. Backe, C. Zambrano, B. Claussen, & M. Cuddyer (#/1500 each)
2002 Donruss Elite Extra Edition: O. Perez & T. Hodges (#/1000 each)
2002 Donruss Elite All-Star Salutes: Ichiro (#/2001)
2002 Donruss Elite Career Best: Two different Ichiro's (#/838 and 127, respectively)
2002 Studio: A. Guiel & C. Figgins (#/1500 each)
2003 Diamond Kings: A. Loewen SP
2003 Diamond Kings Heritage Collection: N. Ryan
2003 Diamond Kings DK Revolution: Ichiro
2003 Diamond Kings Team Timeline: Ryan & Oswalt (#/1000)
2003 Diamond Kings Hall of Fame Heroes: T. Williams
2003 Donruss Elite Extra Edition: A. Loewen, D. Cabrera, F. Sanchez, D. Waechter, D. Haren, D. Willis, & R. Weeks (#/900 each)
2003 Studio: A. Loewen & Hong-Chin Huo (#/1500 each)
2003 Studio Big League Challenge: A. Pujols (#/400
2003 Studio Stars: R. Clemens

One of the big pluses of the MLBPA's 20-product-per-licensee limit, is the ability for collectors to "catch up" with older products. For some reason, I never got around to '95 UD I or '97 Bowman I. But with the lack of new product, it gave me a convenient excuse to indulge in some junk wax. (I can't believe I just put the "junk" label on 1997 Bowman.) Breaks for all three products will be coming sometime after I finish my school work, which at the rate I'm going, should be sometime in 2009.

I finally got that David Dellucci card I needed to finish off my '06 UD set. Yep, I did it. I completed the whole 1000 card set. I also got a boatload of early-'00s era Donruss inserts and gimmicked rookies at 60%-75% off book.

Still trying to find that elusive '01 Donruss Albert Pujols RC -- although I did find a nice Baseball's Best, and a handful of DTRs. (And don't even get me started on the Ben Sheets.) The quest continues....

Total spent on cards: $184
Bridge Tolls: $3
Admission: $6
Grand Total: $193

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